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Sunsum® Intentional Living  Botanicals & Candle Company

Updated: Sep 9, 2022

Sunsum Candle Company was founded on the premise that people deserve to know where their belongings come from and how they are made. Sunsum uses botanicals, like sandalwood and patchouli, to create candles that not only smell amazing but also help clear the air. Here’s how it works: We source materials like high-quality soy wax and wicks from local vendors whenever possible to ensure that our candles are made using renewable resources and ethically sourced goods.

How they started

Sunsum Candles was started out of a desire to merge and create a connection between two things that they love: candles and nature. Just like many people like myself, enjoy spending time in nature during my free time; whether it’s gardening, hiking, or simply hanging out with friends at the park, there is something magical about being in nature that helps me decompress from a stressful day. Sunsum has taken that passion and brought into our homes with their candles and dried plants.

The inspiration behind their candles

Sunsum’s mission is to intentionally create a connection to a culture through lifestyle products and handmade goods. Their inspiration behind their candles comes from being able to infuse old traditions with new concepts of love, life, and giving while creating your very own sacred space. They believe that when you light a candle, it is an act of worship that brings us together in creating a clear intention. Sunsum’s candles are meant to help remind us of what it means to live out what we believe. All Sunsum candles are handcrafted using only high-quality botanicals and natural soy wax which means they’re not only good for you but also good for our environment!

What makes them unique

They are a Black woman-owned, independent maker and supplier of high-quality, ethically sourced, handmade goods. Using ingredients derived from botanicals that have been proven to have therapeutic effects. Their mission is to intentionally create a connection to a culture through lifestyle products and handmade goods. Their love for culture and its preservation extends into every aspect of CONNECTIVE AESTHETICSTM including our candle names, fragrance blends and selection of raw materials used in all our products. Thus far we offer candles with natural soy wax blended with carefully selected oils like rose hip oil which help moisturize skin while you burn your candle creating an all-natural body oil perfect for massage therapy or any type of moisturizing treatment as it gently melts onto your skin without any oily residue left behind!

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