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Remember, success favors the bold.

Be bold.
Be seen.
Be unforgettable.

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Unveiling Exclusive Sponsorship Opportunities: Elevate Your Brand with Trient Press at the Ottawa Book Expo 2024

In a bid to further the realms of literary and entrepreneurial excellence, Trient Press is thrilled to announce a limited-period sponsorship opportunity that transcends the traditional boundaries. As we fortify our presence at the prestigious Ottawa Book Expo in April 2024, we extend an invitation to visionary brands to align with us on this global stage. This venture not only underlines our unwavering commitment to fostering a thriving business and literary community but also presents a rare chance for sponsors to augment their visibility and credibility on an international platform.

Our meticulously curated sponsorship packages ensure a symbiotic promotion, leveraging both the revered Trient Press identity and the expansive outreach of the Ottawa Book Expo. The partnership entails an exquisite array of promotional avenues including, but not limited to, branding on all Trient Press promotional merchandise and significant recognition during our events at the expo.

The Ottawa Book Expo 2024, a revered confluence of authors, publishers, and book enthusiasts from across the globe, presents a fertile ground for sponsors to interact with a discerning audience, cultivate meaningful connections and propel their brand into the international limelight. The multi-dimensional exposure encompasses not only the event's onsite attendees but also the extensive virtual audience engaging with the expo's digital presence.

By associating with Trient Press, a name synonymous with intellectual rigor and creative excellence, sponsors are poised to resonate with a sophisticated and influential clientele. This collaboration manifests a statement of distinction and a stride towards a future of shared success.

We cordially invite prospective sponsors to seize this unparalleled opportunity to elevate their brand, foster influential networks, and partake in a celebration of literary and entrepreneurial endeavor. Our dedicated sales team is at your disposal to tailor a sponsorship package that aligns impeccably with your brand's aspirations.

Contact us at 409-457-6403 to explore the boundless possibilities of this prestigious partnership. Together, let us script a narrative of innovation, influence, and shared triumph at the Ottawa Book Expo 2024.


Would you like to advertise with us? Simply get in touch to find out more.

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At Trient Press, our unceasing quest for excellence has led us to introduce our Proposed New Pricing and Incentive Model. This meticulously crafted model not only caters to our expanding readership in emerging markets but also rewards and entices advertisers for their steadfast commitment to our esteemed publication.

Pricing Structure

Our Pricing Structure is engineered with versatility and value at its core, offering tiered incentives to cater to the diverse needs of our advertisers:

Bulk Discounts:

  • 5-10 Ad Spots: Enjoy a substantial 10% reduction on the total price.

  • Quarterly Commitment: Elevate your savings to 15% off the total price.

  • Bi-Annual Commitment: Opt for a bi-annual commitment and reap the benefits of a generous 20% discount on the total price.

  • Annual Commitment: For advertisers seeking long-term visibility, our annual commitment plan offers an impressive 25% off the total price.

Premium Placements:

Advertisements positioned on the Inside Front Cover, Inside Back Cover, and Back Cover are priced at a premium due to their unrivaled visibility and prominence within our publication.

Emerging Market Special:

We are committed to supporting local businesses in emerging markets. Local companies operating within these regions will receive an additional 10% discount, fostering growth and collaboration.

Incentive Structure

In addition to our competitive pricing, our Incentive Structure ensures that our valued advertisers are rewarded for their loyalty and commitment:

Volume Bonus:

  • Purchase 10 full-page ads, and receive one full-page ad free.

  • Likewise, acquire 10 half-page ads, and we will graciously provide you with one half-page ad at no extra cost.

Loyalty Rewards:

With each purchase, advertisers accumulate points, redeemable for enticing discounts or additional ad spots in our publication.


For companies with an annual commitment, we extend the privilege of periodic features on our social media channels and within other publications in our esteemed parent company's portfolio.

Exclusive Features:

Companies embracing half-year or annual agreements are granted the unique opportunity to be prominently featured in articles within our magazine, showcasing their industry impact and innovations to our discerning readers.

Cross-Sale Opportunities

Our commitment to providing added value extends to cross-sale opportunities that can augment your advertising endeavors:



Consider bundling options encompassing ad spots in both our startup magazine and other publications within our portfolio, all strategically targeting similar demographics.


Digital Advertising Integration:

Elevate your advertising strategy by opting for digital advertising spots on our websites and newsletters, in addition to your print ads, for an additional fee.


Co-Marketing Collaborations:

Explore collaborative ventures with our publication to create content or host events, forging mutually beneficial advertising opportunities for both parties.


Agency Partnerships:

We also extend the opportunity for advertising agencies to collaborate with us. Exclusive rates and benefits await agencies that bring in new advertisers, fostering a fruitful partnership.


In summary, our Proposed New Pricing and Incentive Model reflects our commitment to delivering exceptional value to our advertisers while ensuring our magazine continues to thrive in emerging markets. We invite you to engage with us, capitalize on these compelling incentives, and join us on the journey towards mutual success. Your commitment deserves to be rewarded, and at Trient Press, we are dedicated to making that a reality. We eagerly anticipate partnering with you on this thrilling venture.

For information regarding advertisement options:

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