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Entry level jobs in the remote industry

by: Renea Linsom

Entry level jobs

We will talk about some Job possibilities in the remote industry. Even though now the pandemic is said to be over. The days of working organically in a building are somewhat behind us. We are living in a time where more options are available. In this blog,

we shall go into different markets so you can decide what opportunity works for you. Ready? Get set….Go!

Remote life

Here are five opportunities for entry remote positions

1. Customer Service Representative: From the comfort of home you can answer questions by email or phone.

2. Staff Accountant : You may need a finance degree but you review financial statements and help upper level management make informed decisions

3. Administrative Assistant: Director of First Impressions, they also answer phones and distribute information to employees.

4. Recruiting Coordinator: You constantly know what the company needs and hires the staff to fulfill their purpose. Great position for a remote employee

5. Account Executive: You are the liaison between your company and the client.

Now What?

It's paramount that in this economy, you know that there are options for you. So the opportunities that were presented are for you to be informed but to follow it up with an action plan. So what will you do? The choice is yours

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