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Do you want to be an Author?

Updated: Oct 28, 2022

by: Renae Linsom

The time has come and you have decided that you are ready to be an author. Now comes the question: what do I need to do? We will talk about what a writing path looks like and some clear steps you can take to see your name in print. Let's dive in.

There are a plethora of publishing avenues you can go into, one example is Self Publishing. This type will give you more creative control and your royalties will be more substantial. One particular publisher is Amazon KDP, which stands for Kindle Direct Publishing. It is a free service where all you do is upload your manuscript through their platform. However, they will take a portion of your book's earnings leaving you with a larger royalty. Your manuscript must be edited before deciding to go with either traditional or self-publishing. Another source you can use is Barnes and Noble. They do have the option whether you can do an ebook or printable book. Much like Amazon, you upload your files and sell books. This does give you more accessibility and exposure as well.

Is it That Simple?

Yes, it is that simple. By just setting up a KDP account, choosing a book title and subtitle. Writing a cover description, choosing your keywords, and categories, uploading the manuscript, picking your book cover, and pricing that's it. Amazon is a huge vehicle so you will have exposure to their platform. Another way to publish is traditional publishing. However, that is a bit more complex due to having to get an agent, then shop your book for you. Also, your royalties will be smaller since there are more people you need to pay.


To write a great book, you have to practice and read more. It's very conducive for you to grow as a writer. Here are some books to help you on your writing path.

1. The Book You Were Born To Write. This book gives an account of turning your idea into a finished book as soon as possible.

2. How To Write Your First Book. In helping you avoid procrastination and just write a book that will answer the questions you need to be answered. Now let's talk about why reading and writing are one.

Better readers become better writers. Here are some ways that reading helps you write better.

1. Reading helps you develop critical thinking skills- Decide who the good authors are and find books that inspire you.

2. Reading exposes you to other writing styles- It opens you up to different writing styles and you can pay attention to mechanics and stylistic choices. This should help you find your style.

3. Reading inspires new ideas. When you read daily you expose yourself to new ideas and recharge your creative juices.

Keep in mind that reading and writing go hand in hand. It's also a cheat sheet, you can see what works and doesn't work. Then make sure your writing doesn't make the same mistake. Keep writing!

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