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We're Dedicated to Serving Our Servicemen and Women:

United Regions Van Lines Simplifies Military Moves

United Regions Van Lines offers service members a simplified moving process.

MILWAUKEE, Oct. 31, 2022 -- Service members and their families make great sacrifices to protect our country here and abroad. An integral aspect of their commitment often involves deployments and relocations. When military families are asked to move, they must often do so swiftly. Additionally, members of the military need to be able to quickly settle in so they can continue their service without delay.

United Regions Van Lines is dedicated to ensuring that military members and their families have access to professional long-distance moving services that meet their unique needs by offering military moving services to all members of every branch of the service.

It does not matter which rank, place of deployment, or role in the military — the United Regions Van Lines team offers a suite of services to servicemen and women and their families that is specifically designed to help them overcome the unique challenges they face.

A large part of United Regions Van Line's military moving service is focused on always meeting the standards of reliability, timeliness, and precision. Members of the military are expected to adhere to these expectations, and the United Regions Van Lines crew will do the same in every interaction with members of the armed forces.

United Regions Van Lines has been able to assist hundreds of families in the military to relocate by providing them with both international and state-to-state moving services. Through these moves, the business has come to understand that each military family's needs are different. As a result, the company offers a range of services from which military members can choose that ensure that they receive precisely what they need.

The cross-country movers employed by United Regions Van Lines are thoroughly trained to treat every item with care, be committed to punctuality, and work efficiently. Members of the armed forces may receive vehicle relocation, disposal services, assembly, and disassembly services at both their current residence and destination.

United Regions Van Lines also offers complete loading and unloading services as well as a means of extra secure protection. They provide top-quality boxes, packing materials, and waterproofing to protect assets during the move. Military members and their families are also encouraged to ask about additional services that may make their moving experience go as smoothly as possible.

Any move is stressful. Things must go according to plan, or families can be left dealing with an array of emotional, logistical, and financial issues. Members of the military and their families contend with these, along with many other pain points. Worse, they may not have the time or resources to solve problems created by long-distance moving services that are not absolutely on point.

United Regions Van Lines has addressed this risk on two levels: First, they have designed global and state-to-state moving services with an understanding of the needs and expectations of military service members. Second, they have trained cross-country movers to execute their services with an elevated level of quality, precision, and customer service in mind.

The team at United Regions Van Lines believes that every military family should be able to expect their items delivered safely and on time, no matter where they are located. Additionally, they should be able to locate items quickly and be able to establish a comfortable household with familiar items nearby.

The leadership of United Regions Van Lines expresses unconditional support for members of every branch of service and their families. They recognize that these individuals make significant sacrifices and take on immeasurable risks to do their jobs. Offering military moving services is simply one small way of showing them well-deserved appreciation.

United Regions Van Lines is able to offer members of the military this level of service because the company has worked hard to build a solid infrastructure of human resources and assets. This includes a large and growing fleet of 18-wheelers and warehouses in seven states. United Regions Van Lines also proudly employs a staff of trained and experienced movers, packers, and support team members. All of these are dedicated to exceeding the expectations of every military customer.

United Regions Van Lines offers national and international moving services. In the United States, this includes both coast-to-coast and border-to-border relocations. They also provide packing and storage services for families who may need them.

About United Regions Van Lines: A group of dedicated friends collaborated and founded United Regions Van Lines 25 years ago. Since that time, United Regions Van Lines has earned a position of respect and authority in the moving and storage niche. The company is known for its consistent ability to provide quality customer service. The company offers white glove, door-to-door moving services that give families a stress-free, hands-off experience. Military families or anyone else who is interested in learning more about United Regions Van Lines can visit

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