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Turing Announces the Launch of the Remote Work Guide

By Turing

The past couple of years have driven a rapid — and in many cases, unplanned — shift to remote work worldwide. We now live in a remote-first world. Every company is in a race to reap the benefits of remote engineering talent. Organizations are struggling to rent office space and recruit great talent. Employees want flexibility in their work. They want to be with their families and bring down their commute to a minimum. The rising costs, hiring pressures, and cloud-based tools have made remote work an excellent choice. What is the Remote Work Guide? The Remote Work Guide is a free, comprehensive handbook for building and managing remote teams. The guide breaks down the benefits of working remotely and shares tips to overcome the most prevalent remote work challenges. It also outlines practical strategies for leveraging remote potential to its fullest. The guide shares tips rooted in Turing’s years of experience building a remote team of over 1000 employees and a talent pool of over 1.5 million remote developers. Turing hopes employers and employees looking to enhance their remote work processes can pick up new suggestions from the guide. Who should work remotely? The Remote Work Guide aims to help readers make the most of their remote work experience. And so, the guide has something to offer for everybody!

  • Newly remote teams can find popular tips and tricks for adapting to the distributed way of working.

  • Organizations looking to enhance their existing remote processes can pick up new ideas here.

  • For managers, the guide lists some of the best practices for building a high-performing team in a remote as well as a hybrid setup.

How can the Remote Work Guide help you?

The growing preferences for remote are paving the way for a new work paradigm that prioritizes flexible work options. Subsequently, companies looking to attract the best talent must acknowledge how and when employees work best and alter their strategies accordingly.

But optimizing business processes for the remote setup requires knowledge and careful planning.

And the Remote Work Guide aims to help you with just that!

Here’s what the guide includes.

  • Part One: Foundation Part one, Foundation, shares the major remote work trends and top remote work benefits companies should know. In addition, it also highlights the challenges and misconceptions associated with remote work, along with tips to overcome them.

  • Part Two: Transitioning, Onboarding, and Training Part two shares practical yet effective strategies for transitioning to remote. This section also shares the best practices for onboarding and training remote teams.

  • Part Three: Management Identifying the type of remote teams to support the organization’s and the employees’ needs is essential before adopting a managerial strategy. And thus, part three helps readers distinguish between different remote teams. It also includes top tips for managing remote and hybrid teams.

  • Part Four: Employee Engagement and Wellbeing This section shares engagement strategies to keep workers happy and retain them. In addition, it highlights mental health risks associated with remote work factors and tips to avoid them.

  • Part Five: Becoming Boundaryless Part five, Becoming Boundaryless, includes the Boundaryless Landscape. The landscape maps the numerous applications that populate the online enterprise collaboration industry. It’s like an actual map that allows you to navigate the expansive landscape of applications based on their purpose, i.e., the unique function they hold in the remote employment life cycle. In addition, part five also shares a list of boundaryless companies Turing admires. Lastly, the section overviews Turing’s boundaryless work values.

  • Part Six: The Remote Work Glossary Part six is a dictionary (of sorts) of the various remote work terms Turing, and most remote companies use.

Where can you find the complete Remote Work Guide?

You can access the complete guide here.

In sum

With this guide, Turing hopes to help companies build a framework of pragmatic solutions, remote work tools and resources, and best practices to leverage and scale their remote teams.

If you’re an engineering leader or manager looking to build an engineering team in the cloud, try Turing. Turing is an Intelligent Talent Cloud that can help you spin up your engineering dream in just 3-5 days.

Want to hire pre-vetted, Silicon Valley-caliber developers at unmatched rates? Visit the Hire page now!

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