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There’s no excuse not to innovate, and offer your customers more and more every day.

Updated: Sep 9, 2022

There’s no excuse not to innovate, and offer your customers more and more every day. That’s their pledge, to you. The major players in the tax industry have been around for quite a while. Their numbers are few and their offerings, limited. Which means they’ve been successful in spite of themselves. The small upstarts on the other hand, are stretching the boundaries of what tax prep looks like—and pushing the envelope on customer experience to boot.

Tax Prep

Taxes are part of everyday life for most Americans. If you’re running a business in an office, there are corporate taxes to consider in addition to personal taxes. If you’re filing personal taxes or helping clients with their tax preparation needs, it can be easy to fall into a rut when it comes time for tax season rolls around each year. Don’t fall victim to doing things the same old way just because that way is comfortable—or because everyone else is doing it that way already.

Business Taxes

Taxhub knows that business taxes can be a major pain point for entrepreneurs. In fact, in a 2013 Intuit Small Business Study only 14% of small businesses reported they were very satisfied with their overall tax experience. You deserve better than that! We’re building software that minimizes your time spent on bookkeeping and maximizes time spent growing your business. Because once you’ve built a great company… why should you have to spend so much time doing taxes? It doesn’t make sense to us either! That’s why we’ve developed an online platform dedicated specifically to helping you handle business taxes efficiently. Now it doesn’t have to be a dreaded task at all; get started for free today!

Personal Taxes

Their customer service has evolved over time into providing people with a variety of services that range from doing their taxes for them or providing information about which entity might be best for their business’ tax needs. We’ve even expanded to include free quarterly consultations on how you can reduce your tax burden. The major players in our industry haven’t even begun to catch up with them yet! That’s why they fail miserably when trying to compete with them head-to-head—because they take your personal taxes seriously, but also because it’s part of our mission is helping small businesses owners reduce their tax burden every chance they get.

How It Works

Taxhub revolutionary new tax prep platform lets you serve your clients better in ways they didn’t even know they wanted. From their receipts and financial records we build full profiles of their lives — where they go, what they buy — uncovering previously unseen opportunities for tax savings in all areas of their lives: personal taxes, business taxes, tax prep …

Create an account & get matched to your dedicated CPA

Your CPA will be assigned to you based on your needs and you will work with the same CPA year after year

Upload your tax documents & schedule a phone or video call with your CPA

You can even text or email a picture of them to us. Your CPA will ask you pertinent questions about your tax situation and then complete your return.

Approve and sign your return

Sign your return through our Experian-powered verification process. We will e-file for you and payment for our services will not be due until your tax return is accepted.

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