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The skycruiser metal detector

Many metal detectors can take an experienced expert half an hour to set up, but the skycruiser metal detector takes only about ten minutes. With its simple design and easy user interface, you can be detecting buried treasure and buried metal in no time at all! This may be why it’s been called the easiest-to-use metal detector by people who’ve used other detectors before they bought this one. If you want to find metals and relics quickly, with little technical difficulty, this may be the right product for you!

SkyCruiser Overview

The SkyCruiser is, hands down, one of our favorite metal detectors. It’s a full-sized machine that’s easy to use and will find all kinds of buried treasures from as deep as 10 inches below ground. This is a family-friendly model with multiple modes that include automatic volume control and auto ground balance. The controls are very simple to master and it includes headphones so you can listen to your target items up close.

How The SkyCruiser Works

The SkyCruiser is one of those devices that’s extremely easy to set up. You get a carrying case which has three compartments; one for each of your headphones, one for all your accessories, and one for your metal detector. Setting it up takes all of 5 minutes; you simply open up one side of your carrying case, pop in both headphones then turn it on. Voilà! All done and ready to go! The whole device is so small that you can easily fit it in any sort of bag or purse, whether big or small.

Pros & Cons of SkyCruiser

The SkyCruiser has a lot going for it. First, it is easy to set up. You just attach your headphones and you are ready to go. Second, all of its functions can be easily controlled via its buttons. If you want more detailed information about what is around you, then one press of a button will give you that information without any hassle. The manufacturer even added a strong memory mode so that once something is detected, it stays in your mind until it goes away or until you change modes. At this time the only con that I have been able to find it the battery life. While it uses two 9v batteries that are included, perhaps in the future they may try adding solar.

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