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SynSaber Adds New Dynamic Pipeline to OT Cybersecurity Platform

ICS/OT Cybersecurity & Asset Monitoring Vendor Improves Scalability and Flexibility with New Update

CHANDLER, Ariz., Oct. 20, 2022 -- SynSaber, an early-stage ICS/OT cybersecurity and asset monitoring company, today announced the addition of a new Dynamic Pipeline feature to the company's platform, providing customers with improved scalability and flexibility.

SynSaber v1.1.0 Dynamic Pipeline: Scalability & flexibility for critical infrastructure

Building upon the product launched in February 2022, this update includes a comprehensive set of features and capabilities to collect, analyze, and curate data at the OT edge. SynSaber was purpose-built to bring edge visibility to industrial networks (oil and gas, water and electric utilities, advanced manufacturing) so that organizations can deploy and scale rapidly, integrate with current technology, and detect threats to protect business-critical assets.

"SynSaber partners with some of the most important critical infrastructure operators in the nation to protect and provide visibility into how ICS/OT assets are exposed to potential cyber attacks," said Jori VanAntwerp, Co-Founder/CEO of SynSaber. "With our latest update to the platform, customers are now able to extend visibility and flexibility throughout the organization for cybersecurity to act as a business continuity vehicle and empower operators and asset owners to prevent any operational disruption."

Dynamic Pipeline 's Key Benefits:

  • Users can modify data sources, processors, and destinations in real-time, enabling dynamic configuration changes without interruption to visibility.

  • Pipeline configuration can be modified and deployed within SynSaber's visual-based interface.

The ability to dynamically configure Saber sensors from a visual-based interface allows for greater control and ease of access. In addition to the improved scalability and flexibility the dynamic pipeline provides, the v1.1.0 update includes enhancements to some of the existing features from SynSaber version v1.0.0.

These feature improvements include:

  • Custom flow module enables near real-time processing and analysis of data and asset identification.

  • Improved Syslog support allows fast and efficient communication with existing infrastructure and technologies.

To see the dynamic pipeline and SynSaber v1.1.0 in action, schedule a demo or visit SynSaber founders at an upcoming event — Oct. 20-21: HouSecCon (Houston, TX); Nov. 2-3: FL Public Power Cybersecurity Summit (Orlando, FL); Nov. 8-9: Co-op Cyber Tech (Washington, DC); and Dec. 9: SANS ICS Consequence-Driven Incident Response Solutions Forum (Virtual event).

About SynSaber

SynSaber is the simple, flexible, and scalable industrial asset and network monitoring solution that provides continuous insight into the status, vulnerabilities, and threats across every point in the industrial ecosystem, empowering operators to observe, detect and defend OT/IT systems and protect critical infrastructure. SynSaber is privately held with funding from SYN Ventures, Rally Ventures, and Cyber Mentor Fund. Learn more at

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