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James Vasquez, US Army Veteran, Fighting in Ukraine and Ripley's Heroes Announce "Spirit of Freedom"

GREAT FALLS, Va., Oct. 11, 2022 -- James Vasquez is a US Army Veteran who couldn't sit by and watch the atrocities against the Ukrainian people. So, in March 2022, he boarded a plane, not knowing what he would face when he landed in Poland, made his way into Ukraine, and fought alongside the Ukrainian Military.

The entire time he has documented his days and nights on Twitter @jmvasquez1974. Realizing the fight would take a long time, James returned to America, sold his possessions, and returned to fight again alongside the Ukrainian Military. He is still reporting the fight on Twitter to his more than 400,000 followers.

US Army Vet, and volunteer fighter in Ukraine has released North American Tour dates to raise funds to help Ukraine. Tweet this

Taking his desire to inform the world of what is going on further, James will be visiting 7 US cities telling real-life stories of what he and the others fighting alongside him have faced. Each event is a fundraising event and will be an open Q&A style. There will be no pre-planned speeches, just honest and authentic answers to what is going on in the war in Ukraine and how it impacts Americans.

"I hope to tell the American people the truth of what I experience, see, and know is going on in Ukraine. And to raise awareness of how this war impacts the entire world, including Americans. Democracy is worth fighting for, which is at stake in Ukraine," said James.

James has teamed up with Ripley's Heroes, a non-profit run by Retired Lt Co H. Ripley Rawlings, to raise money and ensure the funds buy life-saving equipment and supplies.

You can see James and get your questions about the war answered in the following cities:

Houston, TX, with HTX4Ukraine on October 14, 2022 Las Vegas, NV, on October 15, 2022 Stamford, CT, on October 21, 2022 Pittsburg, PA, on October 22. 2022 Philadelphia, PA, on October 23, 2022 Washington, DC, on October 29, 2022 New Orleans, LA, on November 2. 2022

After the above cities, in the US, James will be traveling to Canada and the United Kingdom for different meet and greets. Dates and times will be released soon. For more information on how you can help Ukraine, visit or reach out to James on Twitter @JMVasquez1974.

For more information or to schedule an interview contact

SOURCE Ripley's Heroes

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