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It’s important to spread awareness about human sex trafficking. Join me in being a part of the

Updated: Sep 9, 2022

Human sex trafficking is an important topic that needs to be addressed! You can help spread awareness about human sex trafficking by becoming an ambassador for Sports Market USA’s brand! Being an ambassador means supporting Sports Market USA’s campaign, which helps spread awareness about human sex trafficking through your social media platforms and gives back 50% of the profits to an organization that helps fight against human sex trafficking. Join me in making a difference by becoming an ambassador! Contact me today to learn more about how you can help spread awareness about human sex trafficking while also making extra money doing so!

Why Being A Part Of Their Team Will Benefit Your Personal Growth

They see these Brand Ambassadors as an opportunity for personal growth because I want them to be committed and eager to help with what we’re trying to accomplish with our social media platforms. The point of our company is that we can create money by giving back so every little bit helps, but they also want them passionate enough with what they are doing that it is infectious and gets passed down to others who come across their posts.

Why Do They Do What They Do?

As humans, we need to feel like we’re contributing and doing good for society. At Sports Market USA, they want you to know that when you join our team as a Brand Ambassador, you’re helping us put an end to human sex trafficking by spreading awareness and raising money for charities that protect victims and help them overcome their traumatic pasts and regain their self-worth and respect once again.

How It Helps

Human sex trafficking is an unfortunate and deplorable practice that is gaining more popularity and attention as its demand and occurrence increases. Promoting human rights and holding criminals accountable for their actions is our greatest priority, but we can’t do it alone – we need your help. We’re giving back 50% of all profits made through these social media posts (blogs, infographics, etc.) to an organization supporting victims and bringing justice for survivors of human sex trafficking crimes.

How To Get Involved

Start spreading human sex trafficking awareness by sharing your thoughts with others on social media, tagging their friends and families so they can join in too! If you’re up for it, you could also help bring some professional sports-inspired flair to your posts–sports memorabilia is one of our specialties here at Sports Market USA, after all!

Click this link to sign up as a brand ambassador and learn all the details: And if you simply want to purchase merchandise to support an amazing cause then click this link to purchase TVF shirts/hats/art and use code: SONJATEMPLET to get 10% off your entire purchase. Feel free to share this post! 

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