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Interviewing but overqualified?

What does it mean if you are overqualified for a job opportunity? They exceed the requirements for a job. Lets talk about some ways that will be beneficial in talking to prospective employers.

Some tips

Here are ways that you can answer if you are overqualified.

1. Emphasis the commitment: Sometimes a prospective employer may think that with the qualifications the prospect may leave when something better comes. Let them know they are in it for the long haul.

2. Emphasis the opportunity: Even with much experience, they can talk about the skills they have to push the position to a new level. Talk about where you would like to grow professionally.

3. Ask them why they feel that way- Put the ball in their court. Acknowledge and validate their feelings. Give the hiring manager time to share their concerns.

4. Pay- tell them that they understand that this position might not pay as well as some of the positions held in the past, and they are okay with that.

Happy Hunting

These are some of the tips that can be helpful If that statement is heard. Even while job hunting, always know that the right place does exist. Hope these tips help!

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