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Here’s How Google’s Project Starline Is Connecting People Working Remotely

Google has been a pioneer in connecting remote teams through solutions like Google Meet, Gmail, Google Photos, Google Workspace, Google Cloud, and much more. Last year, Google piloted a new project called Project Starline.

This project aims to answer a pressing question: can technology bring people together in a way that feels real? So, what is Google’s Project Starline? How is it going to help remote workers? What are the recent advancements in Google’s Project Starline? Keep reading to know.

What is Google’s Project Starline?

Clay Bavor, VP of Google, says that Starline will act as a magic window through which you can interact with another person, life-sized and in three dimensions. You can make eye contact with them, talk to them and make gestures. It’s not like a generic video call but an interaction where you’ll feel like the person is sitting right before you.

Google has also developed a light field display system that can create a sense of volume without needing special glasses or headsets. The light field display system creates a real-time 3D image of the person. This induces the effect that the person is sitting right in front of you.

Key highlights of Google’s Project Starline

  • The technology being used in this project will fade in the background as soon as you sit and start talking with the person in front of you, creating a whole new immersive experience.

  • The project currently requires custom-built hardware and specialized equipment to work. Google is working to make this technology more affordable and accessible.

  • Google is using machine learning, computer vision, spatial audio, and real-time compression to make this experience possible.

What are the recent advancements in Google’s Project Starline? How is it going to help remote and hybrid workers?

In the beginning, Project Starline was tested within Google’s offices. Colleagues from Bay Area, New York, and Seattle have been able to connect using this project.

Recently, in the wake of increasing favor for remote and hybrid work, Google has expanded testing through an early-access program. Google has invited over 100 enterprise partners in media, healthcare, and retail to participate in the demos at Google’s offices. Companies like Salesforce, WeWork, T-Mobile, etc. are Google’s enterprise partners and have started testing the project Starline.

Project Starline can help in increasing employee engagement compared to traditional video calling. Several users have defined the experience as natural and real.

Project Starline can prove to be beneficial for remote and hybrid workers. It can help them bridge the gap between their colleagues and get a sense of their real presence. Google’s Project Starline will also help in improving the productivity of remote workers.

If this technology becomes accessible and affordable, Project Starline can act as a game changer in promoting remote work culture. Stay tuned to learn further advancements about Project Starline in the future.

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