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Get to Know Trient's Platinum Sponsor: Antonio T. Smith, Jr.

Updated: Dec 4, 2022

By: Melisa Ruscsak

If you’re unfamiliar with the name Antonio T. Smith, Jr., then allow me to introduce him! I had the chance to interview Antonio, who shared some of his background and expertise with me so I could do the same here with you! He’s not just Trient Press’ Platinum Sponsor and one of my mentors; he is also the CEO and co-founder of Mexit verse, The ATS companies and much more! You can read more about Antonio below, and make sure to follow him on LinkedIn as well!

What He Offers to Trient Press

Trient Press' Platinum Sponsor for this year is a powerhouse of a man, Antonio T. Smith, Jr., Ceo of Mexit verse, The ATS companies and so much more. Powerhouse motivational speaker, mentor and teacher he lends more than just his sponsorship to Trient and you. Mr. Smith is hosting a year full of exclusive speaking engagements that do not want to miss.

Antonio T. Smith Jr., the ATS, and You: What to Expect at an Exclusive Gathering

If you’re in the Houston area, you may have heard of someone called Antonio T. Smith Jr., more commonly known as the ATS. He’s held many events in the past, but what do they really look like? How can you find out more about them? And what’s the best way to get in touch with him? Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about the ATS, his gatherings, and how to make yourself stand out among those who want to meet him and network together at one of these exclusive motivational events!

Who is Antonio T. Smith Jr.?

Born with little to his name, Antonio T. Smith Jr. has since climbed out of poverty, going on to become a self-made millionaire. His story has been profiled in Forbes Magazine.

A prominent Houston-based entrepreneur and philanthropist, Antonio T. Smith Jr. is a keynote motivational speaker, author, and self-made business magnate. As of this writing, Antonio's net worth is $284 million.

What is the ATS?

The ATS isn't just a name it is a company. Having branches such as Mexit News, ATS Tv, and many other micro businesses creating this multi-layered instrument of wealth building and an open source knowledge base that the public can access. Having built multiple revenue streams for his businesses, Antonio T. Smith Jr is organizing a group of like-minded individuals whose goal is to get people out of the middle class.

What can I expect at an exclusive gathering?

The ATS group is a motivational and inspirational gathering for those looking to create a better life for themselves through personal development. Antonio T. Smith, Jr has been hosting these exclusive gatherings since 2020 online as a way for like-minded individuals to come together and grow as a community on their journey towards self-actualization. These live in person exclusive gatherings are being held


There will be a limited number in attendance each meeting so get your tickets before they are gone. Entry at the door may not be possible or be limited to standing room only. These meetings are intended as a safe space where everyone can be vulnerable without fear of judgement or ridicule so that they can share their experiences freely with others who have had similar struggles but also share how they overcame them and stay motivated during difficult times, and succeed in your business.

And yes this includes your side hustles.

How can I benefit from attending?

Attending private gatherings with Antonio T. Smith, Jr will help you feel motivated and inspired to create a better life for yourself. The ATS will also help you network with others who want to create a better life for themselves as well. There are great people in attendance who want to help motivate and inspire each other so that they can be successful in their future endeavors. And it's not just about motivation--it's about bonding with others who share your vision for success too!

In conclusion, if you're looking for an exclusive gathering to attend where you'll be surrounded by positive people committed to helping motivate and inspire one another on a journey of self-fulfillment then this is the place for you!

Get your tickets here before they are gone

Book Antonio in your city: Call 409-795-1834

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