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Excerpt: Secret of the Sword

This book is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places and incidents are products of the author’s imagination and are not to be construed as real. Any resemblance to actual events, locales, organizations, or persons living or dead, is entirely coincidental.


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Publisher’s Cataloging-in-Publication data Ruscsak, M.L. A title of a book : The Secret of the Sword ISBN Hardcover 978-1-953975-36-2

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Dust and dry air. The scent of men who were cloaked. This is what he was welcomed to. Well not him exactly but Magmas. If he took offence to the lack of fan fair or not , Nicco didn’t know. Didn’t care. He had sent here by Primitiva. Sent here by the goddess herself. So it didn’t matter what Magmas thought at least not until the general pulled the sword breaking the enchantment.


He didn’t say it but he thought it.

In mist form he couldn’t roll his eyes. Couldn’t do a great deal of things but the words of the goddess echoed within is mind. Keep an eye on the boys she had said. Keep them out of trouble.

Prim had known something. Seen something. Even if she didn’t tell him, he would would carry on as though he knew all of her secrets.

The shadow that had cling to Govard had been his way to get here. Of course, in time he supposed that he could have found this blasted star city. In time he might have even made the trip under his own powers. Yet what would have been lost if he had?

Staying in a mist form he watched and listened. Watched as Magmas had sensed the cloaked army that had surrounded them. Listened to the banter between Zale and Magmas.

Oh until that moment he had been ready to destroy this army. Ready to defend the boy who Prim wanted protected. He hadn’t. No, Magmas needed to control this star as he saw fit. Still it didn’t mean that he wouldn’t aid him when needed.

A silent plea to the darkness and he followed Govard. Magmas could and would destroy every fey left on this star. But Govard…

… now he was trouble. Had always been trouble. Woman flung themselves to catch his attention. Men hated him for everything they were not.

Oh not in looks but in brains. In the ability to build the most complex contraptions for a number of different uses. None were practical but they all worked.

He had stayed back lingering within the shadows. Stayed back to get a feel for this place. So many things hidden from sight. Cloaked or shielded from the eye. The spells so much older then anything the goddess had created. If he could trust the feel of them … then they were nearly as old as the star its self.

Slowly he hovered just a breath above the ground. Slowly a approached the shimmer of room. A vale of power preventing him from actually touching the door.

It didn’t feel right. Didn’t seem right.

Magmas would be fine for a short while longer. The army here wouldn’t stand a chance is the general and his lieutenants let their temper slip. Tempers that had nothing to do with the powers and abilities they all had before meeting the goddess, but everything to do with what had happen after.

No whatever powers Prim had unlocked would be needed. But even she didn’t understand the reason as to why.

A steady breath and letting the boys go off and explore by themselves; Nicco allowed for his true form to appear. His eyes never leaving the door that had caught his eye.

“I wouldn’t open that boy.”

The voice was old. Not a threat. Yet he would amuse himself for the moment. Slowly he turned and gave a slight nod to the elderly fey. One of respect given to any of the dead. “I did not realize that the dead still stalk grounds of their home stars.”

The man looked taken back. Surprise masked quickly but not quickly enough for Nicco to see it. “You know what I am?”

Slowly Nicco approached. A bone chilling smile touching his lips. Adjusting the cuff on his black suit he gave the man enough time to seem to be considering his question. Then a twinkle of mischief lit his eyes. “You are an apparition. Somewhere on this star would remain your body. Chained …” he paused , “… connected perhaps is a better term… to this star. It leaves you to walk freely among the living appearing to those you chose.”

The man narrowed his eyes, “You know much for not being from this star.”

“The creator has blessed me to see more then needed. And to hold her secrets.”

“So what the boy … the one tinkering in the forge … said…”

It seemed though the man was speaking to himself and didn’t need nor want an answer.

“Magmas will rule this star. But Govard is mindless dribble most days.”

The man turned, “It is not time for what is behind that door to be needed.”

“Very well. I will yield to the first king of Obsidian.”

“Y-you knew…”

Gently Nicco eased up beside the man his hand resting on his shoulder. “Very few would know the feel of a royal fey. Even less would understand the age of an apparition.”

“And far less could touch one without permission.”

With a wink Nicco smiled, “Another time I would like to see who could kill who. All in good fun of course. But I think the new king should meet the former.”

“Bah. He is young and foolish. I can taste the uncertainty within him.”

“He is young but raised by a creator. And your sword chose him. I think that means something.”

The old fey took a breath, “I will see what the new king is before I decide.”

A cold laugh slipped from Nicco’s lips. “Make him work for your favor. He will appreciate it more.”

Forgotten was the cloaked room. Forgotten was the way the whole city changed responding to Magmas’ every desire. Magnar had arrived. His intentions…

Nicco narrowed his eyes still staying near a shadow. Magmas hadn’t picked up on his being here… and Magnar had no reason to think the first king of the Eostre would be here. No reason at all.

But that begged to question why the creator was here and who was the boy that he had brought?

Following the anger… the rage that flowed off of Magnar was unmistakable . It would not end well once the creator reached Magmas and the others.

“Shit.” Nicco cursed. This needed to stop before it could begin. And there was only one person Magnar would respond to without bloodshed.

Prim was going to kill him for disturbing her.

He hated to intrude on her. Hated seeing her wrapped around Shesha shedding tears creating a pool of crystal. He hated this.

A soft cough and Shesha moved his massive cloud white head. The hate in those dark eyes then slowly recognition. He nuzzled her once blowing warm air.. “My queen.” His voice holding the grief that Prim was showing.

She sat back her long red hair clinging to her body. Wiping her eyes she turned. “I need to be alone Nicco.”

Bowing his head slightly he whispered, “I wouldn’t have came but…”

She sniffled once, “But… damn you I have lost everything and you stand there…”

“Magnar seeks to control Obsidian.”

Slowly she got her her feet. Gasping for a few breaths to clear the tears from her voice she nodded. Her fiery red hair damp from sweat and tears stuck to her face. “This one time I will settle this. Magnar is my equal but he does not see all that I do.”

M.L.Ruscsak the world is her playground. Always seeing things from her own vision and never looking back on yesterday. Bringing it all into her fantasy world one page at a time.

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