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Discover.Live Virtual Travel, Unique Travel Experiences

What if you could visit the pyramids of Egypt and walk the streets of Paris without leaving your living room? You can with Discover Live Virtual Travel, which offers virtual travel experiences that are as authentic as they are diverse, as memorable as they are affordable. They take you around the world with our most popular destinations, or you can customize your own itinerary. They offer the ability to see landmarks from unique perspectives and experience the cultures of these destinations as if you were there in person.Visit them today to learn more about our exciting vacation packages.

Personalized Tours

Plan a trip that’s uniquely yours. We call it Discover Live virtual travel and it makes planning vacations easy. Once you tell us where you want to go and we take care of everything else. With personalized tours from your itinerary all done at an exceptional value—They make every moment on your virtual vacation count. From culture and cuisine to art and architecture Discover Live is changing how people explore live their passions by discovering new places in real time with virtual travel experiences to destinations around the world.

Customized Experience

Discover Live’s virtual travel experience is unique and personalized. They combine your interests with the local travel expertise to create a tailor-made travel experience that provides you with something more than any other platform can offer: discovery. Whether it’s Rome or Buenos Aires, Florence or Venice; their tour guides call you by name, know your interests and share their local expertise in culture, cuisine, art and architecture. There are no pre-planned routes; no boring lectures. This experience is live! As you move through each city we’re broadcasting events as they happen right there on your screen.

Unique Experiences

Custom itineraries are their specialty. They research and design a tour that combines your interests with those of their knowledgeable guides to provide you with one-of-kind experiences. You’ll have access to local experts who can not only show you around their city, but can also help you discover some hidden gems along your way. Whether it’s traveling to an exotic location or a more familiar site, they will make sure that every experience is tailored to you and your needs while still giving you plenty of opportunities for customization. One example is searching for art in Florence, Italy. Their specialists can give recommendations on all of Florence’s museums and galleries as well as each piece of artwork inside so that travelers can find exactly what they want from their trip before they even set foot on Italian soil!

Local Experts

Get a Personalized Tour Experience of Your Choice: Discover Live is an innovative new platform that offers its members exclusive access to world-class travel experiences. There are plenty of ways for travelers to enjoy exploring different cities and countries around the world; however, you can’t always depend on what others have done in order to get a truly one-of-a-kind experience. This is where Discover Live steps in. The platform works with local experts in various locations throughout Europe and Austrialia to provide guests with authentic cultural exchange and personal experiences that you won’t find anywhere else. You can even choose which city your expert guides you through based on their expertise rather than trying to decide from countless options online.

Having experienced one of their many tours as seen in this excessive video it is well worth the time and money. Bringing us all together from across the globe and experiencing all that the would has to offer.

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