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I’ve never reviewed an app before, but I had to take the time to let everyone know about my experience with Bigo Live App, which so far has been confusing and frustrating. I downloaded it on my Phone, expecting it to be similar to the live streaming apps I’ve used in the past. Using comparable apps like Instgram, Twitch, TicTok and many others I thought I had a basic understanding of the app. Being lead to believe that it would be a great way to add another market for Dove and Dragon Radio.

The Bigo Live app has a ton of potential, but it really needs some work to be better than its competitors in the social live streaming niche. The interface was fairly confusing at first, even with my experience with other apps like this one, and it’s definitely less user-friendly than either Twitch and TicTok are. While I don’t have much more time to spend on Bigo Live today, I may go and try it out again in the future, especially since I think there are more people who will be interested in this type of social media.

The App at a Glance

The app is very confusing and not intuitive to use. It’s obvious that some work needs to be done on it before I can even consider recommending it to my friends. The 2 star review seems fair, especially considering how popular (and well received) its competitors are. The interface of “click here” for this function, then “click here” for this is super confusing. Then add in the pop ups and flashing ad type things that distract the viewer and host .


This has to be one of my biggest complaints for a video chat app—you’d think something like that would be easy enough to do, but I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had trouble connecting with people. Or even finding someone that might have a shared interest. Being transparent in my review I don’t want to be in random rooms to watch people who may be great in their niche, when it’s not something I normally enjoy watching nor listening to.

These connection issues leave me and others frustrated and, honestly, confused. More than once during a live stream, I’ve watched as someone messaged in and tried messaging me over and over because they in order to get me to respond. As I’m hosting a show I can’t stop an interview and just answer the question that has nothing to do with the topic being discussed.

Payment for Host

There is a base salary for host ranging from $800 usd to $1,300 usd. This sounds great, however, it’s really not. Working with other apps, including those for social media influencing I will be the first to say this part of their platform requires a total makeover.

First you paid in beans. A system that is very similar to that of TicTok. Where fans/ viewers send you beans as gifts. Then each bean is worth so much in USD. However, to cash the bean in you have to have an active 3 party app which sends the USD to that account, then you have to transfer from the third part account to your checking or savings account. So first you wait 30 to get the payment on the app , wait 14 days for the funds to be sent to the third party app. Then 3-5 days more for them to finally clear your bank account.

Now working with several companies from all over the world, I know for a fact there are better ways to integrate a payment method. Some of these include Paypal, CashApp, BlockChain just to name a few that major companies use.

In closing

A two-star review is 100% accurate as this app has potential but it needs work.

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