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A Cautionary Tale: My Experience with

In the quest for efficiency and growth in the digital age, I am always on the lookout for innovative tools that promise to enhance business operations. Two months ago, an advertisement for caught my attention. Touted as an AI-powered sales app, promised to revolutionize online sales through AI-powered ads, content, and landing pages, all manageable from a phone. The concept seemed promising, especially for a platform that aids web3 communities in fostering growth and engagement.

Initial Impressions and Trial Period

Initially, the allure of was strong. The app proposed an intriguing value proposition: linking your website to the app to effortlessly sell products and attract customers. As a CEO always exploring new solutions – acknowledging that there is no one-size-fits-all in technology – I decided to give a try.

Encountering Problems

However, my initial enthusiasm was short-lived. Upon completion of the free trial, I realized that did not offer anything beyond the capabilities of other apps I use, such as those developed by Destiny6, which are available at half the price. The real challenge emerged when I attempted to cancel the subscription. The process, far from being straightforward, required filling out a form that led to an automated email response promising future contact – a promise that was never fulfilled.

Escalating Issues

The situation escalated when an unexpected charge of $119 was withdrawn from my credit card. Despite reaching out, I only received automated responses, and the funds were not returned. The second month repeated this scenario, forcing me to involve my bank. Thankfully, the records I meticulously keep ensured that the $119 would be returned, but the inconvenience caused was significant.

Consequences and Frustrations

The repercussions of this experience were far-reaching. I had to obtain a new card and deal with the fraud department, alongside the headache of changing all my automatic payments due to this one problematic app. The frustration and time consumed in resolving these issues were substantial and wholly unwarranted.

Final Thoughts and Advice

My experience with serves as a cautionary tale. While the app presents itself as a groundbreaking solution for online sales, the reality, at least in my case, was a series of unmet promises and customer service failures. I advise potential users to exercise caution. If you still wish to explore, consider using a prepaid card not linked to your primary accounts to avoid potential financial complications.


While innovation and new solutions are essential for business growth, it is equally important to approach new tools with a critical eye. My experience with underscores the need for thorough vetting and cautious optimism when integrating new technology into your business operations. I welcome any comments or similar experiences from readers, as sharing knowledge is key to making informed decisions in the ever-evolving digital landscape.

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